5 Alternative Media Download Apps For Android Phones

Here are some websites and applications which will help you to stream music, photos and videos to various devices in your home.

1: AllCast


AllCast is a cool app. It allows you to send pictures, music and videos on your android phone to your TV.  This is a free version app which allows only a 5 minute viewing limit on pictures and videos. To put an end to the viewing limit, you can update to the premium version.

It casts to :

  • Chromecast
  • Amazon Fire TV.
  • Apple TV.
  • Roku
  • WDTV
  • Samsung, Sony and Panasonic Smart TVs.



With the help of BubbleUPnP, you can play music  and videos in  various devices. Some media formats are not supported by  Chromecast. But, BubbleUPnP makes it possible for you to play music and videos on Chromecast. BubbleUPnP can access your media from a lot of sources like

  • UPnP/ DLNA media servers.
  • Local media store on your App Device.
  • TIDAL, Qobuz.

It casts to

  • Chromecast, chromecast Audio.
  • Nexus Player.
  • All other Google cast devices.

3: Local Cast

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Local cast is at the top list of casting solutions. It has lakhs of  users from all over the world. Local Cast is an easy way to stream  pictures, music and videos from your android phone or tablet to any other devices. But please be aware that the chromecast supports only a couple of formats.it can read mp4,mkv,3gp and m4v. Sometimes, the audio codec is also not supported.  It has some unique features:

  • You can zoom and rotate videos and pictures.
  • NAS-SMB access
  • org integration and subs from the same folder can be added automatically.
  • Easy way to set up.
  • All communications between android BubbleUPnP is secured.

4: Matricom Media Center

 Matricom Media Center is an amazing app. It is based on kodi 14 Stable technology. Matricom Media Center is updated to the latest and greatest from Kodi stable brunch. It is 100% compatible  with Kodi 14 and is usable with your G-Box Q. matricom Media Center does not provide any media files itself. It  has a rich parental control and its management features allows you to easily control access for your entire family. NOTE that if you face any problem to start the media center after updating, then clear the data from the Media Center. Matricom Media Center casts to

  • Chromecast
  • Local media store on your app.
  • All other google Cast Devices.

5: Emby For Android


Emby is a classic application. It is a basic media center-style application. Emby shows how to implement an audio media app that provides media library. This app brings all of your personal media together into one place and streams them to different devices. Emby automatically converts your media on-the-fly to play on any device. It organises your media into an elegant display.


  • Update background sync service
  • Control chromecast volume with hardware button.
  • Easily share your media with friends and family.
  • Watch live TV.

I penned down few alternative media download apps for android phones. Check them out and let me know your review.