5 Best Alternatives of iMessage

iMessage is a great app. But it supports only on Apple products. Here are 5 best alternative messaging apps.





It is known to everyone that WhatsApp is another best alternative of all messaging apps. It is a free messaging app for android and other smartphones. Send and receive text messages, photos, video clips. You can even make a call via whatsapp completely free. It uses your phone’s internet connection.

Key Features:

  • Multimedia: You can not only send text messages but also photos, videos, documents and voice messages too.
  • Group chat: You can instantly create a group of your friends and chat with them altogether.
  • No international charges: there is no extra charge to send a message internationally.
  • Receive offline messages: you can receive messages even when you are not using whatsapp. The account saves all the messages when you are offline.





Kik is not just a simple messaging app. Kik has made many other task simple and easy. It is a multimedia app. You can always stay connected with your friends and family in just a simple touch. You can explore the world of your interest and also follow people of same interests. Unique feature of this app is that you don’t need to register or sign in with your phone number. Just select a username and password to open an account and enjoy chatting.

  • Choose the people you want to chat with.
  • Make different groups
  • Share pictures, videos, gifs, games, etc.
  • Meet new people with different interests.





Viber is also a good option. It is a messaging app with beautiful interface and has an amazing sticker collection. Viber is a free app. It uses your WiFi or mobile data connection. There is no requirement of registering. Your mobile number is your ID. You can make audio and video calls in viber.

Main attractions:

  • Make audio and video calls completely free.
  • Picture quality and the sound quality of this app is good.
  • Share photos, videos and tons of amazing stickers with your friend.
  • Play games with Viber characters.





Snapchat aims to give you the experience of living in the moment. And it has been doing its level best. Snapchat gives you the pleasure of sharing your moments with your friends instantly. Take a snap and share it immediately. Get likes and comments from your friends. It is a great messaging app. You can even edit your pictures.

Attractive features:

  • Make free audio and video call with HD quality.
  • Create groups and chat with all of them together.
  • Instantly share pictures, videos and audio clips.





Hike is in trend now. It is a multimedia messaging app and has a beautiful outlay.  Hike has a huge collection of stickers and  it supports many Indian languages. You will find a huge pile of stickers when you first install the app. You can also download stickers from the sticker market. Hike has another feature of hidden mode. You can hide all your private chats from the world and access them only with a password.

Key features:

  • Chat and make calls free of cost.
  • Exchange pictures, audio, video with your friends.
  • Create groups and chat.
  • Set different chat themes.
  • Receive messages from friends even when you are offline. You can also send SMS to your friend from Hike.

These are some of the best messaging alternatives apps for iMessage. Use them and share your experience with us. We are eagerly waiting for you to review these apps.