5 FaceTime Alternatives For Android

FaceTime is only for Apple users. But  don’t get upset Android users. There is a huge collection of apps which will substitute FaceTime. Here are some of the FaceTime alternative for Android users. These apps constitute the same features and quality of FaceTime. Have a glimpse of your friends and family with just a simple touch.



Say hello to your loved ones face to face. Skype is one of the most famous app to make video calls. You can have a quick chat, share pictures  or even exchange songs and videos etc. Skype also allows you to have  video conference calls. Skype is available for Microsoft Windows, Windows Smartphones, Linux , Blackberry and  Android. And top of it, Skype is completely free. It has been updated on 12 April 2016.

Skype has some amazing features such as:

  • You can make group video calls with up to 25 people.
  • Send texts instantly to the one who uses skype
  • You can add up to 300 people to group chats.
  • Call mobiles and landline with a very low rate of price. Operator data may charge.



Wanna hangout with your friends and family? You can do it with Hangouts app. It is a cool app to chat with your loved ones.  You can also send emojis and pictures.It is a useful extension with some features such as it support to make calls from Android, iOS or windows. Some other features are:

  • View and continue your call across multiple devices.
  • Send and receive text messages
  • You can include your friends in a group with up to 150 people.
  • Send photos, videos, emojis, stickers, locations and animated GIFs
  • Message anytime, anywhere even if you are offline.
  • You can make a group video call with up to 10 people on line.



Viber is a great app. Although, it is relatively a new app in the market, viber has made its brand into a strong alternative of FaceTime and Skype. There is no such process of registering in this app. The  phone number is considered as ID. Viber syncs with your mobile contact automatically. There are some amazing stickers which helps you to express your words, actions and reactions.

Key features

  • You can download static and animated sticker from the sticker market and share it with your friends.
  • Attach files, send documents, presentations and other files too.
  • Via viber, you can follow your favourite personalities and know them better.
  • Play games with the Viber characters.



If you want an appropriate alternative to FaceTime, switch to Tango. Android is Tango’s primary platform. But Tango is available for iOS and windows too. Tango is a messaging and video calling app. The basics are almost similar with other video calling app. You can sent messages, pictures, and photos.  But Tango possesses some unique features which makes it special.

  • Send stickers, messages or even play game while you are on a phone call.
  • Create group and send text messages to all at a time.
  • Like pictures and comment on them.
  • Free phone calls with HD quality.



ooVoo is a new application in the world of video calling. I recently downloaded it and my first impression was “wow”. It delivers a high quality video and audio calls. ooVoo has a beautiful interface with all the necessary buttons in the right place which makes the app very handy. It makes clear and crisp video calls with up to 12 people on a group video call.

Key features:

  • Send photos, videos and texts to you friend even when you are on a call.
  • ooVoo works on any device.
  • Free phone calls with good picture and voice quality.

Who needs iPhone to make a video call? There are many more FaceTime alternatives out of which I chose  the above 5 mentioned. Try them out and see how it works.