Aadhar Card and You: How UID can Better your Life

Aadhar is one impeccable creation of Government of India. Aadhar card was introduced in India with an aim towards Indians having just one unique identification identity, and since 2009 Aadhar card is behaving as an only identity and address proof for a population of billions.

It not only acts as an identity proof, it also provides unlimited perks starting from getting subsidies directly to your bank account and applying for a passport that would be delivered to you within 10 days if applied through your Aadhar card 12 digit number.

Aadhar Card

There are many ways in which eaadhar make your life much easier, so today in this tutorial we’ll be discussing the perks of Aadhar card which can help you better your life.

Aadhar card and you: Perks

Passport in 10 days

We have good news for people who are lazy to apply for a passport, due to long queues and unwanted police verifications. If you have your Aadhar card 12 digit number, you can easily enroll for Passport services. The passport will reach you within ten days of enrollment and the verification process will proceed at a later stage.

Aadhar card: a valid address proof

Aadhar card actually works as your original proof of permanent address (POA). Thus, if you want to open your bank account soon, just carry your Aadhar card. No other document is needed. Aadhar card is taken as a valid address proof for residents of India.

Get pension directly into bank account

There are people who have still not received their pension due to varied reasons. However, pensioners having Aadhar card can get their pension directly into their bank account. Fo this they have to register their Aadhar card 12 digit number with respective department.

Provident fund transfer

Provident fund is a right to every citizen of India. So if you’re not getting provident fund, you can simply register your Aadhar card number with the employee provident fund organization. This will allow you to receive your deserved Provident fund directly into your bank account.

Get your own digitized locker

Digital locker is a service by the Indian government in which you can safely keep your jewellery, money and other important stuff. However, these lockers are difficult to acquire, so attaching Aadhar number with lockers can get you a locker easily.

Get LPG subsidy

First people didn’t use to get their deserved LPG subsidies. Ever since Aadhar card has come into existence, you can now directly receive LPG subsidy in your bank account.

Link to voters id card

It is vital to keep your identity safe and secure. If you attach your Aadhar card with your voter’s id card, it’ s going to be difficult for people to vote more than once under the same name. The machine will catch your Aadhar card number and keep your details safe.

Jan Dhan yojana

Jan Dhan Yojna designed and created by Mr. Narendra Modi was introduced to help people acquire their own bank accounts with almost one money need for registering. If you have your Aadhar card, any man can visit the bank to open a free account.

Bill payments via Aadhar card

Recently, a new development has been made since Aadhar card is announced as a bill payment card. Now you can pay your bills and complete other payments through Aadhar card. This turns India into a cashless and cardless country.


These were 9 perks of Aadhar card for you.psiphon download They definitely make your life better. Now if you are going for some official work, it’s not important to carry all your documents for identification purposes.