Getting started with ShowBox apk

There are no better ways to watch free movies of your PC than using ShowBox app on your smartphone. The app is originally built for Android, but can be adopted for iOS, Blackberry and Windows OS as well.

For most of us looking to download a movie or two for our entertainment, ShowBox sure gets us what we want. But there is more the app offers, like amazing subtitles to play alongside your entertainment, multiple resolutions to suit your mobile screen and internet data budget, as well as suggestions for similar movies under each movie’s page for you to find content you can enjoy.

ShowBox apk for Android:

You’ve probably heard about this before. So here is a quick encapsulation about how to get ShowBox on Android devices for those who haven’t and we’ll discuss iOS and other prominent OS then.

To get ShowBox on Android, follow these simple steps.

  1. Download ShowBox apk file from the internet. Google, and you should find several sources for the file. Make sure to scan all files you download with an anti-virus to eliminate chances of malware infestation.
  2. Go to Settings on your Android’s home menu. Enter Security, then look for Unknown Sources and tap the option to enable it.
  3. Tap the downloaded ShowBox apk file to install the app. The setup will guide you to a list on permissions the app demands. If you agree, press Install, and the app should be ready instantly.

This simple procedure is all you need to follow to get ShowBox to work for your Android. A similar process will help us install the app on other OS too. Let’s see how.

ShowBox app for iOS:

iOS devices require a different methodology to run ShowBox app, since the OS doesn’t support installation of apk files. Luckily, there is a twin app which runs free movies and TV shows on your iPhone or iPad. The app is literally identical with ShowBox for Android. Here’s how to get it.

  • Download and Install vShare app on your iOS device. You can get the app through a Google search. Trust the application whenever prompted.
  • Launch vShare app on your iOS device and look up MovieBox app. This is the twin app we talked about. Download it.
  • Install the downloaded app. Once again, trust the application wherever prompted.
  • Once the app is installed, you can find it on the home menu. Tap to launch, and enjoy hours of free entertainment!

The only difference between ShowBox and MovieBox is in the extensions they are available in. MovieBox installs on iOS since it is a dmg file, and runs exactly as ShowBox, screen to screen.

ShowBox for Windows:

Windows needs to follow a different route to install ShowBox app on the device. Since ShowBox app or any of its variants are not available as .exe files, we’ll have to emulate an Android interface on the Windows PC to run the app. Here’s what you need to do.

  1. Download an Android emulator, like BlueStacks, Andy or any others you are familiar with. These software are usually available for free. These emulators are what will run our Android OS over Windows on the PC.
  2. Install the emulator. Login with a gmail account to activate the Android OS.
  3. Using your web browser, download ShowBox apk file to the PC. Keep it safe.
  4. Right click the apk file, and go to Open With. Choose the Emulator software to run it.
  5. The file will install immediately. Wait for the notification, and you are good to go.

Blackberry too can be used to install ShowBox, provided the version is greater than 10.2.1. Download the apk file, Open the download manager and just tap the downloaded file to run the setup. The interface is virtually identical to Android’s app setup. Tap Install if you agree with the permissions asked for, and you’re done!


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