T.O.D Online

Throne Of Demons Online

Throne of Demons was a great game for online gamers. But two years back, this game was shut down. Originally, Throne Of Demons was developed by PandawaGames. In the year 2014, PandawaGames shut down the server of Throne of Demons. The most obvious reason can be the development of games better than T.O.D!


Throne of Demons was a great opportunity for local developers of Indonesia. This game was the proof of strong collaboration between Chine and Indonesia. Both countries have the huge user base that loves to play online games. Surprisingly, Throne Of Demons proved to be a great success!

Although, the users loved the game. But soon this game has to shut down. After a significant partnership, the developer teams have to move separately. Finally, on 11 April 2014, the Tim Pandavas made an official statement about the closure of this game service. As per the statement, it was evident that team was grateful to the Heroes of the game. Heroes meant the local users of the game. After all, these are the heroes that make any game successfully. These heroes have to put a lot of energy and dedication while playing the game.

Throne of Demons was an online game with the unique style of MOBA features. It was MMORPG online game. TOD was a game with a story. As per the tale, the special seizure weapon was created to finish off the demons. That’s why it was named Throne of Demons.

Tim Pandavas has great importance for the Heroes. The team was not ready to leave this project with a sad end. After this closure, the team developed a new game known as Big Bang Kaboom. Altermyth teammates are the brains behind Big Bang Kaboom. This game is much better and entertaining!

But of course, Heroes still miss the Throne of Demons!