SnapTube App; 5 things you should know

As new developments take place in the tech world and new software and apps are launched practically everyday, there are apps that stand out. One such app is SnapTube App which is practical, efficient and provides a much needed solution in the streaming and downloading of media. SnapTube app simply allows users to download videos from YouTube on to their phones or hand held devices.

In the past one would have to be a windows user to download the software on their computer or laptop. Now, this android application allows every android user access to videos and audio right where they are.


Here are 5 things you need to know about SnapTube app

1.Easy to use –The app has categories such as most viewed video and most popular videos. It will also recommend a few videos for your viewing pleasure. Another feature includes a daily list of videos for you to check out.

2.Use of key words – By typing in key words in the search bar, it gives you a list of possible choices. You now have the option of either watching the video or downloading it. Once downloaded, you can watch the video at any time even without internet connectivity

3.Downloads – You have the option of choosing to download videos from YouTube. There is an added feature in the new version which allows you to stream and download videos from social media and networking sites like Facebook and Instagram. This is a unique feature that hasn’t been applied anywhere else. You can also download videos from streaming sites like Vimeo and Liveleaks. With the new version, you get to select the option of ‘downloading via wifi’ which is an added benefit in managing and controlling your data.

4.Conversions – You have the option of streaming and downloading videos in MP4 format. This format gives you additional choices where you can download a video in 360 pixels which would be faster or an option of downloading it in high definition which would give you better quality and clarity. In addition to this, it allows for conversions from MP4 format to MP3. In event you like a video and you want it as an audio in MP3 form, it will convert the video for you. It also allows for conversion quality options in MP3 and the new version allows for higher quality formats.

5.Secure – It is 100% safe and secure. Once you request to download a video, no extra extensions or plugins are required to carry out the download process. Just select the feature and it will immediately download the video or audio

In summary

This app will change how users the world over will view, download and share information. It is free and available for download to all Android users


This app is user friends and doesn’t take up much space nor use a lot of data. It allows everyone to watch and download videos at their convenience.