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We all know what Videoder can do for us. Sure it lets you download videos and songs. But what are some amazing ways you can use the same app to enhance your entertainment time?

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The answer of this lies in a synergy between Videoder and other apps. Making a combo utility out of two apps can enhance your entertainment time. And so, here are a few apps you can pull together to make a unique synergetic system and have fun.

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  1. Facebook and Videoder
    Who among us is not on Facebook? This social media site is verily the primary way we get together with our friends and family. Plus there are pages, posts and groups which have some amazing video content for us to enjoy. The trouble can be logging onto the internet and revisiting the same site to view the video content. What if you can’t find it later? The easy method? Group Facebook and Videoder! Save the video when you browse your facebook news feed. You can then later log into the site using Videoder and visit your “Saved” menu. You can view the video there, or you may download it directly. It is one easy way of making sure you never lose those precious family party videos on the internet.
  2. Videoder and Instagram
    Instagram has always been the prefered platform for celebrities to share tidbits about their lives, their upcoming creative projects and other nice things their fans would love. Funny videos and other great things also abound on the site. Want to get those great videos from someone’s page but don’t know how to do so? Well, you guessed it; use Videoder! Not many know this but you can access Instagram through an internet browser as well. Since Videoder also doubles up as an Internet browser, all you need to do is log into your account and visit the profile of the person you want to get videos from. Open the video you fancy and press the download button. And your video will be downloaded to your SD card without any mess.
  3. Play View and Videoder
    Moving on to apps that can get you access to free movies and TV shows, we have Play View. When you download any content using Play View, the app routes the download through the default Android download mechanism. This can take a lot of time. Thankfully for Videoder, which can make your downloads blaze forth like lightning. When you open a file for download once you have installed Videoder, you will be asked which app you want to use to continue the download. The other option is often a web browser like Chrome. Choose Videoder from the list. You might have to occasionally adjust the name and other titular settings, but that is not necessary. Watch your movies get downloaded in a matter of minutes with Play View and Videoder!
  4. Cartoon HD and Videoder
    All my animated movies and cartoon lovers are going to be elated. Cartoon HD, for those who aren’t aware, is an amazing app that gives you access to animated movies, TV shows, and more on the internet itself. You can watch and download them without trouble. The problem with this is however this; the app uses the Android download mechanism like Play View by default. But once again, with Videoder, you can get your files downloaded in a jiffy. When you get a movie and have chosen the resolution, choose “Custom” and then pick Videoder from the list of apps. The download will be queued and you’ll be ready to watch your favorite entertainment without restriction in a few minutes!

See? Making a combo of two great apps can really up your experience! This is of course not well known and so people keep looking for ways to download content from outside YouTube without knowing they can easily do so using the very same app they use to download things from YouTube.

I hope this helped you in your Video downloading troubles. Get in touch with me if you have any queries you’d like me to answer.